Scott Aukerman talks Comedy Bang! Bang!, Obama in a g-string

Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman (on couch) and musical cohort Reggie Watts.
Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman (on couch) and musical cohort Reggie Watts.
Chris Ragazzo/IFC
Not everyone gets Scott Aukerman.

His brand of comedy is awkward, off-beat, and yes, at times it's just plain weird. Still, as the creator of a successful podcast (Comedy Bang Bang), TV show (Comedy Bang! Bang! --  punctuation makes everything better!), and co-creator of the hilarious Funny or Die web shorts "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galifianakis, Aukerman has carved out a niche with comedy fans through pretty much any media you can think of. Now, he's bringing his show to Minnesota.

This Sunday, Aukerman and friends will hit up the Cedar Cultural Center for the kickoff of the Comedy Bang! Bang! Live! tour.

"This is a really interesting tour because I'm going to try to combine all of the facets of the Comedy Bang! Bang! brand into one tour," Aukerman says. The writer and host is no stranger to the stage, as he has also managed to produce a live comedy show at Los Angeles' UCB Theater each week for the past decade. Still, he insists this show will be completely unlike anything he's ever tried before.

"Not only is every comedian going to do prepared material, but we're also going to show stuff from the TV show, and the last half of the show is going to be a totally improvised podcast-type recording entertainment experience. So, it's going to be different in every single city," he continues.

"We're going to show video, and we're also going to be sculpting in clay. We're going to pick one lucky audience member that we're going to sculpt while the show goes on and they'll get that at the end."

Scott Aukerman talks Comedy Bang! Bang!, Obama in a g-string
Chris Ragazzo/IFC
While most people would laugh at that comment, with Aukerman it just might be true. After all, this is a guy who in just seven episodes of his television show has murdered Michael Cera during the closing montage/highlight reel, interviewed God, and embarrassed John Hamm with clips from Mad Men (not a typo).

But the question remains: with so many successful projects running simultaneously, does the writer/host/comedian worry about running low on decent material?

"I definitely had some fears about keeping everything going, especially while the TV show was in production," he says. "There was a period where we were shooting the TV show five days a week for 13 hours a day and then on the weekends, and I would do the podcast and then also write my film scripts for a couple of days.  

"So, it was definitely difficult to do, but it's certainly not as difficult as being a coalminer or anything like that. It's relatively a nice career to have. But yes, I was a little worried about the quality of the podcast dip. I knew the TV show was going to be a great quality because I'm really, really proud of the shows. I was little worried about the podcasts taking a different quality, but we put one out every single week and people have been still really enjoying it. It's more popular than ever. So, I think at this point we're safe. I think we got away with it."

Aside from his comedian friends, Aukerman will have some (possible) help during the live show, as he says he hopes to bring in special guests in each town. But with so many famous friends, is there anyone he hasn't managed to score for one of his many outlets that he still hopes to chat with someday?

"Yes, I do. I think the title of that episode would be 'President Barack Hussein Obama wears skimpy G-string and a Price Albert.'"  

Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?


Comedy Bang! Bang! Live!
7 p.m. Sunday, July 29
Cedar Cultural Center

416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis

$25, All Ages

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The Cedar Cultural Center

416 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454


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