Say Goodbye to Productivity: You Can Play Oregon Trail Online for Free Now

Ready to begin your journey?

Ready to begin your journey?

It might be 2015, but now you can kick it like it's 1848 (without succumbing to piracy). Thanks to the Internet Archive, you can now play Minnesota's greatest-ever contribution to educational gaming: Oregon Trail.

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On the Internet Archive's site, you'll be able to embark on your old-school, role-playing journey West by answering a series of questions and navigating your way through Manifest Destiny using your keyboard. Note: Hunting definitely takes some getting used to on a laptop (you'll see what we mean when you're juggling the arrow and enter keys along with the space bar while trying to nab that bison).

Now, time for the important questions: Are you a banker from Boston? Or a carpenter from Ohio? Maybe a farmer from Illinois? How many oxen do you want? Clothes? Bullets? Need an extra wagon axel? Choose wisely, as all these decisions might make the difference between life and death on the Oregon Trail.

Say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon here on the Oregon Trail.

What else is available on the Internet Archive? Uh, The Lion King and more than 2,000 other MS-DOS and classic PC games that'll catapult you back into those beeping-and-blooping days of 8-bit graphics. Plus, there's the Wayback Machine (a peek at 435 billion pages saved over time), along with tons of videos, texts, and pretty much just about anything you'd find in a library about the internet.

It's hard out there for a pioneer.

It's hard out there for a pioneer.

Didn't know the Oregon Trail got its start thanks to some local know-how? Here's an infographic from our coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Oregon Trail on our cover in 2011.

We'll see y'all in Oregon... that is if we can avoid snakebites and drowning in rivers along the way.