'Samson and Delilah' screening at the Trylon

​If watching a two-hour movie of Justin Bieber in 3D isn't up your alley (or even in the vicinity of your actual street), have no fear. There are plenty of movie theaters around town showcasing independent, international, and classic films almost every night for audiences that want to get away from the screaming tweens. 

For example, Trylon in Minneapolis screens films that might otherwise skip Minnesota audiences, like this Tuesday's Samson and Delilah, winner of the Camera d'Or award (Best Feature Film) at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. 

An intimate and heartbreaking coming-of-age story, Samson and Delilah is centered around two aboriginal teens stuck in a destitute community in the middle of the Australian desert. The teens are faced with adversity with almost every step they take, and through that tragedy become close to each other. 

​Described as a survival love story, the two teens deal with drug abuse, death, poverty, and hopelessness, and yet still find some hope in the end.

The film was the directorial debut of Warwick Thornton, and stars two teens in their acting debut, Rowan McNamara as Samson and Marissa Gibson as Delilah. The story is revealed in a simple, yet touching way, bringing to light a poignant tale of how fragile youth can be. 

The film will screen at the Trylon in Minneapolis on Tuesday, February 15 and February 22 at 7 and 9 p.m. both evenings. Tickets are $8, and available online or at the door. For a closer look at what the movie is all about, check out the trailer below.