Salon Saloon's 'Teenage Show' tonight at Bryant-Lake Bowl

Tonight at Bryant-Lake Bowl the Salon Saloon serves up another helping of thoughtful and provocative discourse with a unique live-action presentation on teenagers. The discussion will cover everything that makes them tick, what made us tick when we were that age, and the differences (or lack of) between the generations. 

​With local art critic Andy Sturdevant leading the way in this talk show meets arts and culture review, Salon Saloon's "Teenage Show" will feature another intriguing line-up of local artists, musicians, and designers sharing their own stories, photos, and notions on the matter. 

The evening will attempt to take a snapshot of our current culture when it comes to "kids these days": what has changed, what's kept them united over the years, and what's kept them apart will be at the heart of the discussion. Obviously attitudes and ideas change over time, so what once inspired us might not even be a possible perspective these days. 

As Salon Saloon ponders on their website, "Are the kids still united? We have no idea. We're getting old. We don't even know if the kids listen to UK punk groups anymore. We suspect not--we've heard their only interests are dubious-sounding things like 'Ke$ha' and 'sexting.' We've even heard they may not smoke clove cigarettes anymore." Oh how things change but sort of always stay the same.

​The conversation tonight is sure to be of the entertaining and unrestricted variety, with guests like designer Dan IBarra of Aesthetic Apparatus; artist and musician Kai Benson (Doomtree, The Millionth Word); artist, musician, and high school teacher Jeremy Ackerman; printmaker Jenny Schmid of Bikini Press International; historian Aleah Vinick from the Minnesota Historical Society; and St. Paul musicians the Velveteens.

Tickets are $8-$12 (pay what you can) and may be purchased at the door or online.

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