Sales and tips for looking fab on New Year's Eve (pack Hot Hands if you're going out)


Room No. 3, Proper, Golden Pearl

Happy (almost) New Year! Twenty eighteen is just around the corner — thank God — and that means another party to add to the string of parties you’ve been attending this season. New Year’s Eve is an Occasion with a capital "O" for many people, and sparkly, boozy parties to ring in the new year are de rigeur. If you’re still looking for something to wear on December 31 that will keep you warm in these bone-chilling temps and look festive, then look no further.


Proper, Golden Pearl


You’re in luck! If you must wear sequins or sparkle on NYE, then head to Proper in Uptown. Anything shimmery or sparkly is 25-percent off through December 31, so you can score something festive and not spend too much money on it. Wins all around, really. Wear your sparkly stuff all season long with more subdued items; I like to throw a plain black sweater over a long, sparkly dress and pair it with motorcycle boots for a little everyday pizzazz.

If jewelry is more your thing, my friends at the Golden Pearl Vintage just got tons of gorgeous, captivating costume jewelry that will totally make your NYE outfit.




Heading to the cabin for NYE? We were too -- until I saw that the low for Saturday was -24. If you’re staying in like a smarty pants this year, get cozy with your wine, your friends, and Britney on the TV. Nobody does sexy-cozy like Covered, with their selection of anything-but-basic cashmere sweaters and skinny jeans.

Bluebird Boutique on 50th & France is another sure thing, and their fall and winter items are 50- to 75-percent off now to make way for spring. (Spring seems a long way away, doesn’t it?) Boyfriend jeans and a deep-V sweater is a never fail look that you’ll wear again and again, unlike a scratchy sequin tank.


Dude, it’s cold out. Please don’t go bar-hopping in open-toed shoes and no tights. It’s freezing, and you may lose a toe or mess up your feet forever. I know it’s not ~*fun*~ to dress for low temps, but coat check exists. Pack a few extra dollars, wear fleecy tights under your dress, and don’t forget mittens. Seriously. Frostbite is not sexy.

If you’re going to a house party, just change when you get there and don’t worry about dressing appropriately and then sweating all over the place when you’re dancing in your college roommate’s Uptown kitchen. You know you’ll be waiting for Ubers and possibly standing in lines, so cover up. (Throw some Hot Hands in your bag and thank us later.)


Room No. 3


If your NYE plans are more “drink champagne with my partner” than “go to a bar and try and get an Uber home at 2 a.m.,” then hit up Room No. 3 on 50th & France for the prettiest lingerie around. Hey, it’s a new year — you deserve to splurge on something fancy.


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