Rogue Citizen's latest exhibit at Gallery 13 Friday


Tomorrow night Rogue Citizen will create a collaborative painting live while exhibiting individual efforts at Gallery 13 with their new show, "Execute Rogue Citizen."

The new collection of works will revolve around themes of prison, capital punishment, and the justice system in the United States. 

[jump] Rogue Citizen is a local artist group including Shawn Dalsen, Eric Mattheis, Matt McGorry, and Matt Wells. The creative foursome have been generating profound pieces of live art since 2009, and are able to continually combine their individual talents in colorful and thought-provoking ways.

This latest installation will be just as provocative, with artistic pieces centered on capital punishment partitioned off into three cellblocks in the Gallery 13 space. 

The ambitious quartet no doubt will communicate their thoughts on the theme in a most in-depth way. While Dalsen layers mixed media images and draws from graffiti culture, Mattheis balances between abstract details and loud, spray-paint images. 
McGorry is very adept at painting social commentary, and Wells uses his detailed drawings and paintings to create otherworldly representations of life. 

"Execute Rogue Citizen" will be on display at Gallery 13 until April 1. The opening reception, Incarceration, will be this Friday night and features music by Ostraka starting at 7:30 p.m. 

The closing in two weeks, Reprieve, will feature the music of Seawhores. All the art that has gone unsold during the show's run will literally be executed. By doing this, Rogue Citizen hopes to acknowledge the way the system benefits only those who can afford it. 

​Let's hope there will be no art leftover on execution night. Created by science-fiction nerds who love to paint the abnormal, Rogue Citizen's work is much too nifty to get tossed, even if it is to make a valid point on our current social system.