Rod Massey exhibits 'Mill City' at Groveland Gallery

Behind Dunn Brothers; Massey

Behind Dunn Brothers; Massey

With titles like Four School Buses and Behind Dunn Brothers, it's easy to say that local artist Rod Massey's work captures the more mundane visual aspects of life. But that isn't to say that his art is also ordinary.

At first glance, his paintings appear to be photographs. For instance, a structure will look real from a distance, but on closer inspection a roof may be just a touch too curved.


Perhaps his realism can be attributed to Massey getting the color tones of a Minnesota winter right. In his image Along 56th, he perfectly captures the gloomy gray that winter often casts over everything. But on other days, the cool air allows for crisp, vibrant colors, and Massey certainly allows for those in his palette as well.

In his newest exhibit, featured in the main space at Groveland Gallery, Massey presents "Mill City" beginning this Friday, September 9. There will be an opening reception from 5 to 8 p.m. The exhibition will be on display through October 15.