Rocco Baldelli's note to this young Twins fan will warm your icy heart

Only one word to describe this scene: aw!

Only one word to describe this scene: aw! Melissa Floyd

Despite the Twins' continued cosmic ineptitude against the Yankees, rookie manager Rocco Baldelli looks like a dynamite hire.

The 38-year-old skipper led the Twins to their second-best record in franchise history (101-61) as his squad blasted the most dingers in MLB history (307). Outside of the ballpark, we know he's a Phish mega-fan, a racehorse breeder, and, apparently, a total sweetheart. 

Evidence of that last quality emerged last Saturday via a heartwarming tweet: 


Baldelli's note, with its rather impressive penmanship, reads:

"To Emett

Will be looking for you at Target Field in about 10-12 years

All the best

Your friend

Rocco Baldelli"


The Floyd family was seated next to Baldelli at St. Paul's Brasa Rotisserie. Melissa says she offered to take her baseball fanatic son Emett, who wears his mitt 24-7, over to say hello, but he was too shy. While Emett was in the bathroom, Melissa introduced herself to Baldelli and asked if he'd sign Emett's baseball card book.

"He immediately asked how old Emett was and if he would be mad or embarrassed if he if he came over to say hi," Melissa says. "He spent a few minutes talking with Emett once he returned to the table. Asking him if he plays, whether he had been to any games this year, and encouraging him to keep practicing. Emett could barely talk, but they shook hands and Rocco gave him the note we posted."

On Sunday morning, a still-ecstatic Emett grilled his dad Zach for an hour about Baldelli's stats and biography, Melissa says. The Floyds plan to frame Emett's prized note in his baseball-themed room.