Rob Schneider on standup, TV, and his New Year's Eve plans

Rob Schneider on standup, TV, and his New Year's Eve plans

SNL alumni apparently travel in threes. This past summer, the Minnesota State Fair hosted a three-pack of comedy legends when former Saturday Night Live cast members Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, and Kevin Nealon hit the Grandstand. This New Year's Eve, another group of SNL greats will make a stop in Minnesota when Rob Schneider, Tim Meadows, and Chris Kattan ring in 2014 at the Mystic Showroom.

Schneider will serve as the headliner for the evening, with a stacked resume of major film roles (usually as the "You can do it!" guy in whatever new movie Adam Sandler is making), along his nearly 30 years in standup.

Before Deuce Bigelow invades our state, we chatted with the SNL alum about his crazy schedule, his history in comedy, and his plans for the New Year.

People know you really well as an actor, but a lot of fans probably don't know that you have such an extensive standup history.

I got my start as a standup. I've been a standup for a long time, and I always say that if you want to continue to be the best at something you have to keeping working it. No matter how busy my schedule gets, if I don't really throw myself into writing and getting onstage, then I won't be any good at it.

With all your time doing movies and TV, do you still like getting out on the road and playing these shows?

Absolutely. I try and get out on the road whenever I have time. I just got back from doing shows in Australia and New Zealand; I was in Singapore; I'm still doing standup all over the world.

You just released a new special on Netflix, which is probably a lot of people's first time seeing you do standup. When people come to see you, do you think they have an expectation of the type of show you put on?

Not necessarily, but they know I'm funny. Even if they only know me from movies, they tell me afterwards that they loved it. The thing about the Netflix special is that it changed TV. You get way more eyeballs on Netflix than you do on traditional TV. Right now I'm actually getting ready to do a sitcom, and I'm paying for it myself. I don't know where it's going to be shown yet but it'll get somewhere, and that's the beautiful thing about programs like Netflix.

Any crazy New Year's Eve plans for after your shows?

I've always looked at New Year's Eve as a workday. As a standup, that's when you make your money. The crowds are bigger, you've got a jacked up audience; it's the best. I've got a wife and new baby now, so I don't really party anymore. But when I did, I'd save mine for January 3.


Rob Schneider with Tim Meadows & Chris Kattan
Mystic Lake Casino Showroom
Tuesday, December 31
7 p.m. & 10 p.m.
18+, $45

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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

2400 Mystic Lake Blvd.
Prior Lake, MN 55372


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