Ritz Theater "Renovate": three nights, a big old slate of choreography

Justice hurts: Off-Leash Area's "The Jury"
Justice hurts: Off-Leash Area's "The Jury"

The choreographers enlisted for this variety night include such local luminaries as Denise Armstead , Elizabeth Bergman, Jaime Carrera , Angharad Davies, Erin Drummond, Cade Holmseth , Jennifer Ilse (pictured above, performing an excerpt from The Jury by Off-Leash Area ), Alana Morris, Kari Mosel, John Munger , Julie Warder, and Taja Will. 

"Renovate" plays at the Ritz Theater Thu.-Sat., May 20-22. Tickets are $15-$18; to make a reservation call 612.436.1129 or click here

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