'Ring Round the Moon' at Theatre in the Round

​If the new love story performed by computer-animated gnomes has got you hankering to see a live-yet-classic romantic comedy played out in the theater, get over to Theatre in the Round for their latest production, Ring Round the Moon.

Here, you'll find evening filled with enchanting fairy tale balls alongside mistaken identity, witty French social satire, and cheeky scheming--minus the red and blue gnomes (although they look pretty cute too).

The play, written by Jean Anouilh, has been a popular choice for theaters around the country for the past 50 some years. Penned in 1947 by French dramatist Anouilh, it was adapted and translated three years later by Englishman Christopher Fry. 

​The result has been endless productions by theater companies all over the states, each putting their own unique spin on the deliciously capricious and amusing tale. With the backdrop of an enchanted evening, the play takes audiences on a charming journey through young love and features twin brothers: The noble and sweet Frederic, and scheming rake Hugo. 

The ball is meant to celebrate Frederic's engagement to Diana, but where his twin is concerned, only entertaining charades will ensue. Ballerinas are thrown in to lure Frederic astray, alongside deadpan butlers, gossiping ladies, and many others at the moonlit soiree.

The characters of Hugo and Frederic are played by one actor--Nicholas Leeman. Diana is played by Rachel Weber, and Leah Cooper directs. The production opened last Friday, and runs through March 6. Tickets are $20, with discounts for seniors and a student price of $10 on Fridays and Sundays.