Ride the light rail today, see a fashion show


As many an Instagram and Tumblr account demonstrate, some of the best fashion out there is on the street. Taking inspiration from that idea, models will be hopping on the Blue Line for a series of pop-up catwalk events on platforms, sidewalks, and parking lots today. You can ride with them, or take a lunch break at one of their planned stops.

The event has been organized by Mall of America, Arts @ MSP, Made Here Exhibitions, and Hennepin Theatre District, and is part of the Fall Art + Style Series, which seeks to share fashion, art, and human interaction and new and unexpected ways. Other upcoming events include poster giveaways, movie screenings with free wine and Vogue magazines, Instagram meetups, and more.  

The event kicks off around noon. See the complete schedule below:

Mall of America station

11:58 a.m.


Models board the train.

Lindbergh/Terminal 1

12:15 p.m. arrival.

Artwork will be on display, with a live DJ and a pop-up fashion show on the platform.

Lake Street Platform

12:35 p.m. arrival.

Another pop-up fashion show.

Government Plaza

1:08 p.m. arrival.

Models will take a choreographed walk to and from the Government Center Plaza Fountain.

5th Street/Hennepin Avenue Station

1:19 p.m. arrival.

Models are walking to the Bob Dylan mural for the grand finale.