Rhythmically Speaking grooves with GST at Lee's

Erinn Liebhard
Erinn Liebhard
Photo by Heather Gray

Tonight, Rhythmically Speaking Dance will be dancing up a storm at Lee's Liquor Lounge with jazz band GST. The evening will include several improvised, visual approaches to GST's music. It's going to be a mix of opportunities to watch the dance group do their thing. Folks can also get in on the action as well, as audiences are welcome to hit the dance floor.

Anna Resele and Non Edwards (with GST in the background)
Anna Resele and Non Edwards (with GST in the background)
Photo courtesy Rhythmically Speaking

Rhythmically Speaking's artistic director Erinn Liebhard connected with GST last spring when she met Bob DeBoer, who also plays with another band, BrassZilla, at an event at Patrick's Cabaret. They liked working with each other so much that DeBoer suggested that Liebhard check out GST. "I have tapped at their bar sets a couple of times, and they played live for my piece for the Rhythmically Speaking show last year," Liebhard says. 

Liebhard's dancing parter, Emily Broeker, has been dancing with Liebhardt for almost eight years with another company, Eclectic Edge Ensemble. Broeker is "an up and coming performer and choreographer who has a style I can really connect with, so I really enjoy working with her," says Liebhard. Along with Broeker, Kaitin Kelly Benedict, formerly of TU Dance, and Cathy Wind of Keane Sense of Rhythm will be joining Liebhard for the evening, adding their style and ideas to the mix. "There should be a lot of tapping," says Liebhard, "but me and Kaitin will smooth that out with some sound-less dance." 

Liebhard was first exposed to improvisational dance during her undergrad training at the U of M. "I dance because I love music. I love to reflect and add new layers to sound," she says.

While Liebhard has had plenty of exposure to formal training situations, "I also feel it important not to forget the experiences professional dancers take in while dancing socially," she says. Dancing socially provides an opportunity for dancers to explore things they might not in a formal situation, because of the release of pressure of being watched. 


"Visual Grooves: Jazz Music + Dance"
The event starts with opening band Orphan Brother at 9 p.m., followed by GST at 10 p.m.
Lee's Liquor Lounge

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Lee's Liquor Lounge

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