Rewind turns five, expands to south Minneapolis

Rewind's new south Minneapolis storefront

Rewind's new south Minneapolis storefront

Vintage fashion lovers rejoice: Popular vintage resale store Rewind opened a second shop last weekend in south Minneapolis at 48th Street and Chicago Avenue. The new location carries merchandise similar to the original space on Johnson Street Northeast, including vintage women's and men's clothing, shoes, and accessories, all of which reflect the cute brand of retro kitsch that Rewind has come to embody.

[jump] Anyone who has visited Rewind's Northeast location won't be disappointed; though the new store seems roomier than the other location, the selection is fantastic. Customers are immediately greeted with carefully arranged presentations of jewelry and summer clothes, including adorable printed short skirts and shorts, a rainbow of canvas sneakers, and perfect summer tops. Selections of shoes, dresses, heavier tops, and pants are arranged by color and size, allowing for easy shopping. Between Rewind's attention to detail in its displays and strong collection of colorful, awesomely patterned clothing, the store is fun just to look at (purchasing something will also aid your wardrobe).

Though the dream of opening a second location was one Sarah Hoese, the owner of Rewind, had had for several years, the new shop was turned around in about a month and a half. After spotting a "For Lease" sign in the window of the storefront back in April, Hoese says things quickly fell into place. "The corner is almost identical [to the Northeast location]," she says, "with restaurants, a coffee shop, and a gift shop." So now, if you want to have the Best Saturday Ever, you can swing by Turtle Bread for brunch and pick up adorable vintage luggage, turquoise pendant necklaces, or cropped tanks along with your croissants and coffee.

The speedy opening of the new location was no doubt aided by the fact that most of the merchandise was already in Hoese's inventory, which seems impossible, as the selection is so fresh and trendy, from chunky wooden necklaces, to colorful woven and leather bags, to boxy flowy tops, to a pair of amazing leather clog-like loafers that anyone with a size seven-and-a-half foot should pick up... NOW.

As the new storefront's opening coincides with the five-year anniversary the Northeast Rewind, it's clear that Hoese has figured out how to curate a vintage shop that is both fun and worth shopping at. Luckily, for those in south Minneapolis, doing so now is that much easier.

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