Reviled/super-popular YouTubers Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson are in town

Now, you too can get this look.

Now, you too can get this look. Provided

Four rabid fandoms/anti-fandoms have come together for one giant clusterfuck, as Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have teamed up to do what YouTubers do best: sell something.

What they are selling: a handful of branded makeup palettes, a track suit, lip gloss, pig-shaped mirrors, and makeup bags. They’ll be rolling in to Morphe at the Mall of America this Saturday at noon to pole dance for their very special collab.

“Our Morphe Babes in the Minneapolis area have long awaited this exciting event, and we are delighted to deliver for them,” says Kahla Broussard, a presumed Morphe Babe employed at Morphe.

Jeffree Star blew up online during peak MySpace era, becoming known for his wild looks and photoshoots featuring bloody noses and aesthetically pleasing forced vomiting. These days, he has a super-popular makeup line, is worth $50 million, and has nearly 15 million YouTube followers. He’s also known for his twitter wars, sexism, and racism scandals.

Shane Dawson, who sometimes claims to be poor (most likely ironically or compared to Star), is worth $12 million dollars and has 23 million subscribers. Dawson is known for his conspiracy theory vids on YouTube, as well as his often sympathetic documentaries featuring controversial/popular YouTubers, including Starr, Jake Paul, and Eugenia Cooney (who was fresh from ED inpatient).

In more recent vids, Dawson has bragged about not bathing while rocking a bathrobe and T-shirt. For his next phase, he’ll be hitching his trailer to Jeffree’s “beauTuber” cache. Will it work? Stay tuned... on YouTube.