'Reverberations' closes this weekend at MCAD


At first glance it looks like winter has already consumed artist Ayomi Yoshida's trees; black, gnarly branches pop off of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's white walls. But upon closer inspection it is suddenly spring.


Yoshida's installation, "Reverberation," is made up of tiny, translucent woodblock prints. They look like small white postage stamps with ghostly images of blossoms on them. Other nature-inspired imagery includes a bold black, white, and gray scene of what looks to be rain falling on a river. The elongated drops of rain and application of color in the river creates a calming sense of motion, similar to the flitting motion of the "leaves" on her trees.

The MCAD website states that Yoshida's prints "are quiet meditations on the transience of life and the awesome challenge of appreciating and caring for the world around us." You can follow the process by which the piece was installed on the project's blog.

Yoshida's installation is likewise transient, so if you want to see "Reverberation" in MCAD's Concourse Gallery, be sure to get there before it closes on Sunday, November 7.