Report: Jacob Frey got Kevin Hart drunk before the Super Bowl

Kevin Hart and Jacob Frey 'pounded' shots before the Super Bowl, according to the never-wrong New York Post.

Kevin Hart and Jacob Frey 'pounded' shots before the Super Bowl, according to the never-wrong New York Post. Instagram/Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

Don't read the New York Post.

We at City Pages will read it for you, and discern which parts are true (very few), trash (95 percent), or too irresistible not to hope are based in fact. Put this piece in that last category.

What's beyond dispute is that comedian and actor Kevin Hart, a Philadelphia native and die-hard Eagles fan, was drunk by the end of the Super Bowl. There's video evidence

What had remained a mystery was how he got that way. Alcohol, you're probably guessing. But how much? What kind? Where? And which elected official did he drink it with?

The answers come from this item in Page 6, the Post's gossip desk, which reports that Hart spent part of Super Bowl Sunday at a brunch thrown by a guy called Barry Mullineaux, whom the Post calls a "nightlife impressario." So now you know what a nightlife impressario does during the day: boozy brunch with famous people.

Also present: football legends Randy Moss and Ray Lewis, plus Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, who "presented Hart with a key to the city." (Really? Him? Huh.) 

As the Post tells it:

Since the event was sponsored by Tequila Revolución, Frey, 36, and Hart, 38, decided to pound a few shots for good luck. The rest, as they say, is history.

Is it, though? We saw Kevin Hart staggering around deliriously happy after the Eagles won. Where was Frey? Why wasn't the newly minted mayor fighting to get on stage with newly minted Super Bowl champions? Was Hart's postgame drunkenness in any way related to what's going on in this Instagram video?


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Or was Frey pulling the old "make-my-next-one-water" trick with the bartender? Did he eat two brunches to soak it all up, then sprint 10 miles to run it all off? 

Was shots at the celeb-and-impressario tequila-sponsored brunch the best use of the mayor's time on Super Bowl Sunday?

Good questions, all of them, and as yet unanswered. City Pages reached out to the city yesterday for response to the Page 6 piece, and we've yet to hear back. We'll update if and when we do. 

UPDATE: And so we did. City Pages received the following statement from a spokesman for Jacob Frey.

"The Mayor had one shot of tequila with Mr. Hart at the event."