Reflections on 'Palindrome' at MCAD

Untitled (Reflective Pool), by Audrey Moxley 
Untitled (Reflective Pool), by Audrey Moxley 

For "Palindrome," now on display at MCAD's Gallery 48, five artists -- Audrey Moxley, Jenny Bookler, Maura Kelly Doyle, Mel Nyugen, and Sarah Julson -- give their take on the theme of "reflection." In some cases, this interpretation is literal, with artists using reflective material such as silver leaf and metallic spray paint, or depicting mirrored images. There are also pieces that explore the act of reflection through meditative music, as well as simple, introspective pieces. Accompanied by Sarah Julson's dreamy sound sculpture, Forth, the show features a thought provoking exploration on how we see things. 

A Circle, by Jenny Bookler
A Circle, by Jenny Bookler

For Untitled (Reflective Pool), Audrey Moxley has created a low rectangle made of wood and fabric that reflects light in different places depending on where you stand. As the title suggests, the piece recalls a pool of water in the way the light moves, but it also has the same shape as a bench that you might sit upon to think and reflect. 

Moxley also does some creative things with laundry detergent, using the substance as a way to create texture. You can see this in Reflective Nebula, a piece that gives a sensation of looking into outer space. 

A Circle, by Jenny Bookler, is an amalgamation of clay pillows scattered on the cement floor. Its layout seems both random and carefully constructed, a sort of organized chaos. Bookler also created Observation Deck, a 52-card deck of old photographs that offers a meditation on memory. The ultra-thin material that the photographs are printed on almost seem to be disappearing, like the memories of the photographs themselves. Bookler also made Untitled (Swim), a whimsical drawing of five pairs of legs pointed upwards out of a pool of water, as if were capturing a synchronized swimming team practice. 

Truss, Truss, Trust, by Mel Nguyen
Truss, Truss, Trust, by Mel Nguyen

One of the most interesting pieces is Truss, Truss, Trust, by Mel Nguyen. The work contains two structures. One is a truss leaning against a wall made of bare wood with scattered splotches of metallic painted foam. Facing it is an upright rectangular structure covered completely with the metallic painted foam. The two structures appear to be in dialogue with each another, both in that the reflected light from the foam bounces back from one to the other, but also in their respective states of completeness and incompleteness.  


Through March 10
MCAD's Gallery 48. 

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