Raw Sugar Brings The Funny to Bedlam Lowertown


Raw Sugar is bringing The Funny back to Bedlam Lowertown this weekend with a line-up of silly and subversive feminist artists taking on everything from dinosaur burlesque to standup comedy. 

The Funny first debuted at Bedlam last September. The initial goal was to curate a small group of female artists making new work. "We chose five artists we love and trust, and gave them as much support as we could," says co-curator Rebekah Rentzel. 

For this weekend's edition, Raw Sugar decided to open the doors to a range of performers who wanted to create new work. In total, 15 artists are participating, with many of the same core artists from the first time around returning, including Rachel Petrie, Andi Cheney, Molly Budke, and Paige Collette. 

Queer performance group Homo Hotdish will be presenting a new work. While not female-identified artists, the group is included because they are creating feminist work. "It's more about putting feminist values and aesthetics up there rather than just female and female-identified persons," Rentzel says. 

Rentzel and Jenny Moeller started Raw Sugar five years ago, after they met during a theater internship in Maine. "We hit it off really well," Rentzel says. Impressed with Moeller's description of the Minneapolis theater scene, she decided to move to the Twin Cities on a whim. "We've just been challenging each other to make the work we want to see done," says Rentzel. 

Raw Sugar put on plays first, with an eye for strong roles for women and a propensity for silliness. Most recently, they worked with Theatre UnBound on the Girl Shorts festival, devising a play about a nervous synchronized swim team. 

According to Moeller, there's no set theme for The Funny, but some topics they wanted to explore include sexuality, what is sexy, and having children. ShaVunda Horsley will perform on Thursday, Courtney McClean on Friday, and Carly Wicks on Saturday. Each night will be a little bit different, so check the Facebook event page for the full lineup.


The Funny

June 4-13

Bedlam Lowertown