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Corey Tenold, founder of the local menswear blog,, chatted with City Pages about how Trnds was founded, his inspiration, and more.

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Jane Belfry: Why and when did you decide to start Trnds?

Corey Tenold: I've always had a niche for anything web related. I've tried to blog, personally, but couldn't keep it up. I sat down recently and thought to myself, "What subject matter do I like enough to continually write about?" I knew instantly that the answer was fashion. From there, I decided to start Trnds.

JB: What inspires you?

CT: I try to let the places I live and visit inspire me. I've moved around quite a bit in my life; I went to a few different middle schools and a few different high schools. I picked up a little bit of style from each area and tried to create my own from it. I've lived in beach towns, metropolises, farm towns, and the suburbs, and visited the like. I think a fashion trend from each that can be found in my style.

JB: How would you describe your style?

CT: Eclectic but simple. Unassuming.

JB: Do you feel that we lack options for menswear in the Twin Cities?

CT: I still call my self a newb when it comes to the Twin Cities. I'm happy and anxious to see more and more local menswear designers sprouting. We definitely have the talent, and I've seen some up-and-coming designers that are very promising. So, I guess I feel we lack local designers to stay OT, compared against markets such as NYC and LA of course. But I'm not doubting the Twin Cities.

JB: Where are your favorite places to shop locally or otherwise?

CT: I live about 3 miles from the Mall of America. I always find myself there when I need my fashion fix. I seem to gravitate towards about 4 stores: Heritage 1981, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. For online shopping, most recently Oak NYC ( and Need Supply Co. (

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