PUNY folks search woods for magical creatures [video]


What happens when a bunch of design artists decide to get technical while wandering through the woods? Not much, apparently. But the recorded results are pretty hilarious.

The folks at PUNY, the design team behind Yo Gabba Gabba's animation, as well as other projects both local and national, recently ventured into the forest on a mission. In a really funny clip, recently posted on the company's Facebook page, Shad Petosky explains that he is planning to explore nature in search of magical creatures. These forest sprites include gnomes, fairies, and newts. Boy, is he going to be surprised when he discovers that newts are totally real.

Using high-tech facial recognition software they discover... absolutely nothing. But it does lead to some philosophical ponderings on pioneers, technology, and people in the woods.

Check it out the video after the jump.