Punchline Punchout: Local comics do battle at Acme

Punchline Punchout: Local comics do battle at Acme

Standup comedy can get really competitive, but Punchline Punchout is competition on whole other (friendlier) level. All this week, 10 of the best Minnesota-based comics will do battle at Acme Comedy Co. for the club's first Punchline Punchout. 

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Cy Amundson, Shane Mauss, Mike Cronin, Amber Preston, and Brooks Robinson will compete against Chad Daniels, David Huntsberger, Andy Erikson, and Isaac Witty in a comedy battle royale. The structure is simple: Two comics from each team will be given a topic earlier in the day, and then they'll perform three minutes of brand-new material, with the best comic winning the round.

Andy Erikson, one of the founders of Punchline Punchout, sees the competition as an awesome show for comedy fans, but also a good opportunity for the comics.

"Trevor Anderson and I started doing Punchline Punchout about a year and a half or two years ago at Comedy Corner Underground. The idea was to do something different, and give the comics the chance to write collaboratively," says Erikson. "A lot of comics don't really write together like that, either because they don't have time or just aren't used to it. We thought this would be a good way to bring them together."

The topics each team is assigned can range from a basic noun, like "winter" or "holiday," to double entendres like "sell" and "cell." 

"Cy Amundson [one of the team captains this week] saw us do the show at Comedy Corner Underground and said we should do it at Acme," Erikson continues. "Him and Chad Daniels ran with it, and pitched it at Acme. I'm hoping people like it."

The lineup of talent for this week's show is nothing short of an all-star game. Erikson says that she isn't surprised that there has been so much interest in participating.

"It's a really good way to network for comics," she says. "Every time we've done it, the comics have told us how much they love it and how they'd love to be a part of it too."

As for the future of Punchout, Erikson says she hopes to keep it going at Acme, Comedy Corner Underground, and beyond for the future.

"Trevor and I definitely plan on keeping it going at Comedy Corner Underground," she says. "We wanted to put together a unique concept that we could take on the road with us later on, and I'm really excited to see how it works in a new club."


Punchline Punchout
8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; 10:30 p.m. Saturday
Through June 29
Acme Comedy Company
18+; $15
More details here

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