'Prints on Ice' opens tonight

​It's cold outside, so it's no surprise ice is on a lot of minds out there. And since we're already thinking about it, let's acknowledge that there are plenty of fabulous things on ice, and loads of not-so-fabulous things too. Broomball, for example, is on ice and is fun. But the television show Skating with the Stars? Definitely not so fun. 

Another fun thing on ice? Highpoint Center for Printmaking's latest winter co-op exhibit, "Prints on Ice." Featuring a solid group of local printmakers, this new exhibit will surely put the ice reference to good use. But remember: the art is figuratively on ice, not literally.

"Prints on Ice" will highlight 26 local artists' wide array of talent and experience. The organization's collaborative efforts and acceptance of varying skill levels are what make it a truly cooperative center for art.

​​Open until January 29, "Prints on Ice" is the center's 18th exhibit. Screenprints, lithographs, relief prints, and intaglio works will be on view and for sale. The public also is welcome to the opening reception tonight from 6:30 to 9 p.m. 

Visitors will be able to meet the artists, gab about their work and style of print, and tour the print shop facility, all the while enjoying complimentary beverages and hors d'oeuvres. 

The exhibit is a great way to embrace the ice and chill this winter. While the art on display is not literally ice, it's probably pretty cool.