Printmakers converge on the Twin Cities

The Mid America Print Council Conference is now in full swing, complete with exhibits and featured speakers exploring the theme of "New World/Old World" in printmaking. 

As part of the biennial event, Lloyd Menard was nominated as the 2010 Outstanding Printmaker. He will be featured in an exhibit starting tomorrow night at the College of Visual Arts.

Menard has made paramount contributions to the art of printmaking over the years, and pioneered one of the most prestigious printmaking workshops available: the Frogman's Print & Paper Workshops. Alongside his work, five artists Menard has mentored will be featured at the CVA exhibit as well. 

The reception for the "Outstanding Printmaker: Menard 1950 - Present" will begin tomorrow night at 5 p.m. and is open to the public as part of the MAPC's initiative to engage students, artists, and the public in an arena that examines where tradition and experimentation converge in the art of print. 

​The role of media and technique adjust and are revised over time, and printmakers continually make use of a medley of approaches to their art. The Lloyd Menard exhibit, along with other shows of the 2010 MAPC, aim to launch an open dialogue about the mixture of tradition and new technique throughout the larger Twin Cities community. 

In addition to featuring Menard, the 2010 MAPC will highlight the dynamic print community in Minnesota by including museums, book arts, letterpress, screen-printers, comic book artists, and more in their presentations and exhibits throughout the conference. 

The conference will be based at the University of Minnesota Regis Center for the Arts, and events will take place at venues around the Twin Cities like the Walker Art Center, MIA, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, the CVA, MCAD, and more. For more info, visit the event's official website.

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