Predict Oscar winners and win big with City Pages

Predict Oscar winners and win big with City Pages

"And the Oscar goes to..."

Those five little words mean that someone in Hollywood is about to win big... and so can you.

Are you a hardcore cinephile who lives for awards season? Do you know the nitty-gritty drama behind the silver screen? Can you quote movies at the drop of a hat?

While you're probably not on your way to claiming that little gold statue, you can prove your film-related prowess to us and win a film-tastic prize. Correctly predict as many Oscar winners as you can, and you could end up snagging 20 movie passes and a bunch of concessions combo packs to the Theatres at Mall of America.

How do you get one step closer to cinematic glory, bragging rights, and a bunch of free movies? It's easy as one, two, three.

First, log into your current Voice Places account (or register for one) here.

Second, go through the list of Academy Award nominees at the link above and do your best Nate Silver impersonation while picking winners.

Third, tune into the Oscars on Sunday, February 24, and see how you did! We'll contact the lucky winner shortly after the awards ceremony.

Predict Oscar winners and win big with City Pages
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