Popping the question at Minneapolis Comic Con: A Star Wars love story

May the Fourth Be With You!

May the Fourth Be With You!

On the afternoon of May 4, Star Wars fans gathered at Comic Con to celebrate Star Wars Day, a.k.a. May the Fourth Be With You! Folks in costumes hailing from a galaxy far, far away came together onstage for what they thought was just an official group photo together, united in their love of all things Lucas.

Little did they know, there was about to be another union of love celebrated on that stage.

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After the photos were taken, an announcement came over the stage P.A. system. "There has been a disturbance in the Force..." the voice boomed.

Darth Sidious stepped forward, hooded in black, and evil as ever. He scanned the small crowd sitting in chairs, watching the action onstage, and chose his victim. Darth Sidious raised his sinister hand and compelled a man in the front row to his feet with the force. Suddenly, he had the man in his hands-free grip, restricting the man's throat.

The man in the audience doubled over, playing along like he was auditioning for the next round of Star Wars movies. Then, he fell to one knee.

Darth Sidious using the Force for evil... or is he?

Darth Sidious using the Force for evil... or is he?

For a moment, that corner of the exhibition hall fell silent before erupting in a huge cheer. She said yes.

The couple rose to their feet and joined the other Star Wars folks onstage for a quick photo op and a kiss before joining their friends to toast their love.

We chatted with the happy -- and shell-shocked -- couple, Mikal and Mel, after their big moment.

Did you have any idea this was going to happen?

Mel: No... No, I had no idea. I'm totally shocked.

How long have you been planning this, Mikal?

Mikal: I've been planning it for about a month now. So, I knew when I saw the rings that I wanted to get, and I knew we were going to Comic Con on May the Fourth.

How long have you been together?

Mikal: Ten months now, almost a year.

Mel: Yep!

Who are your favorite Star Wars characters?

Mel: I'd have to say Yoda.

Mikal: Mine's a toss up between R2D2 and Darth Vader.