Poolside fashion show at Calhoun: A hit despite the weather

Though the excitement was high for the pool side fashion show, the weather was a bit of a Debbie Downer. Still, the show must go on, and so must the fashion! Despite fickle weather conditions the models were ready to strut. The outdoor event was held at the ubiquitous Calhoun Beach Club and was hosted by Alexis McKinnis and Christian-Philippe Quilici. The fashion show was divided into 3 parts: day wear, evening wear, and pool side.

The show kicked off with the day wear collection. Stylist Jahna Peloquin mixed pieces from local designers such as Tender Cuts and Jenny Carle, with more high end looks from the likes of Burberry. The models wore pastel dresses and shorts, and I even saw a skort in the mix. The day wear was very well styled and had a vintage meets "little house on the prairie" feel. Very cute, very young, and nicely accented with the baskets of flowers and straw hats. My favorite touch was the wicker bushel of lettuce-- nice twist.

Evening wear was all about ruffled skirts for the ladies and fitted shorts for the men. Betsey Johnson and Ra'mon Lawrence were featured designers in the evening apparel portion. The color palette was very bold with bright fuchsia and blue tones. Flowers were incorporated in almost every look for men and women. We saw rose hairpins, daisies peaking out of pockets, and even a small bunch of posies in place of a bowtie.

The final walk was in honor of the summer's heat for swim season: the bathing suit. Unfortunately, by this time it was so windy and now misting, that all anyone could concentrate on was trying to keep warm. As we watch half naked models shiver down the catwalk with greased bodies and wet-styled hair, I was reaching in my swag bag to see if by some miracle I was given a blanket. No such luck, but at least the misting did subside, and we had Christian's fun loving commentary to keep us amused. Although Nani Nalu had a variety of swimwear for all body types and styles, this segment got lost, and was not given the attention it deserved because of the weather. Hopefully next year the sun will be on our side so we can concentrate on the fashion instead of our goose bumps.