Poll: Would you attend the 2020 Minnesota State Fair?

Mike Madison

Mike Madison

On Friday, we'll likely learn the fate of the 2020 Minnesota State Fair. 

Due to the raging COVID-19 pandemic, daily gatherings of 200,000 sweaty fairgoers from Aug. 27 through Sept. 7 risk turning the Great Minnesota Get-Together into the Great Minnesota Get-Sick-Together. (Editor's note: The writer is very pleased with this wordplay.) 

"I think it will be difficult to see a State Fair operating,” Gov. Tim Walz said last month. "I don’t know how you social distance in there."

So, for the purposes of the following poll, let's say the fair gets a green light tomorrow: Is there any chance in hell you'd even attend? 

Would you attend the 2020 Minnesota State Fair?
Heck no
Hell yeah
Hmm, unsure
How about you mind your own beeswax, City Pages?