Play The Price is Right with City Pages


Do! Do! Do! Doot! Do! Do! Do! Doot!

Doot do do doooo, Doot do do doooo DO DO!

Doot do do doooo, Doot do do doooo DO DO!

The Price is Right Live is currently in the middle of its residency at the Mystic Lake Casino in Shakopee. The run will continue into the weekend with a live show tonight and two more on Saturday. At City Pages we’re celebrating the Price is Right and its legacy as metaphor for the futility of capitalism with our own spin the classic game show.

We went out on the town to find out how much locals know about Twin Cities fiscal trivia. You can play along at home!

*All winners received dollar bills signed by rising City Pages star Ryan Warner. (Except in a few cases when they didn’t.)


Joe, 32

Can you guess the price of a standard whiskey coke at the CC Club within $1?

Joe: $5.25.

Actual price of a whisky coke at the CC Club? $4.50

We have a winner!

Sam, 30

It’s the I-35 category!

The answer to the following question is $42 million. Which of the following MNdot projects is estimated at this number? Will this cover repaving I-35E between Highway 36 and County Road J, installing storm drains on I-35W/ I-94 in Minneapolis, or repairing the bridge on County Road H over I-35W?

Sam: Is it the bridge?

Sorry, Sam. The actual I-35 project estimated at $42 million is the repaving of I-35E between Highway 36 County Road J. Thanks for playing.

Bronwyn, 28 (left)

Within 2 million dollars, how much did the original construction of the Foshay Tower cost?

Bronwyn: In 1929? Two million dollars.

The actual cost of the construction of the Foshay was 3.75 million. You win.


Madeline, 27 (right)

The Minnesota Vikings are putting the finishing touches on a new stadium in downtown Minneapolis. The total price of that stadium was one of the following: Was it $775 million, $825 million, or $997 million?

Madeline: $997?

Correct. Buy these women a drink, Tom!

Albert, 21

The Twins opened Target Field in 2010. You’re going to guess the price of the stadium. In USD, was it $470 million, $545 million, or $735 million?


Albert: $545 million. I know this.

The actual cost of the stadium was $545 million. You’re a winner.

Jen, 42

According to the 2013 census, what is the population of Minneapolis within 10,000?

Jen: 350,000?

According to the 2013 census the population of Minneapolis is 400,070; ya loser.

Tracy, 42


The Grain Belt Brewery just set in motion a plan to restore its iconic sign over the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. The company just released an estimate of the cost for restoration which is less than $1 million. Can you guess that price within $100,000?

Tracy: $670,000?

The estimate is between $500,000 and $600,000. We’d have accepted anything between $400,000 and $700,000 which means you are a winner.

Bryce, 33

The Minneapolis Armory was sold last year. Can you guess the price of sale within $2 million?


Bryce: $7 million.

The Armory sold for $6 million. You are a winner.

Micah, 27

Of the following items which is more expensive? A new copy of Prince’s Purple Rain on CD at the Electric Fetus or a pack of Camels at a Hennepin County Super America?

Micah: Purple Rain.


Sorry that is incorrect. Purple Rain retails for $4.99 new on CD. A pack of Camels is $8.12. You can still win however, if you can answer the following: Which is more expensive, three packs of Camels at a Hennepin County Super America or a new copy Prince’s Purple Rain at the Electric Fetus on vinyl?

Micah: The vinyl?

You are a winner. Purple Rain retails for $24.99 on vinyl.

Peter, 29

Peter, you’ve just been arrested for indecent exposure in a Minneapolis public library bathroom but on the bright side you have the cash on hand to pay your way out of jail. Is that fee $100, $150, or $200?

Peter: $150?


That was a very quick correct response Peter. It is $150.

Amber, 21

Here is your question: Within $1 million, can you guess how much it will cost to reorient traffic into downtown Minneapolis by reconfiguring the current exit ramp from westbound I-94 to serve Seventh Street instead of Fifth Street?

Amber: $12.2 million dollars?

Excellent guess but ultimately you are wrong. The actual retail value of the reorientation project is a cool $9.79 million dollars.

Stoner, 65


Can you guess the general sales tax in Hennepin County within two percentage points?

Stoner: Going to guess 12 percent with the stadiums.

Off by about 4percent. The correct answer was 7.775 percent.

Mimi, 28

According to the Minnesota department of revenue’s website there are specific rules for the taxation of candy. However the umbrella of candy tax does not cover a confection if what ingredient is found in the candy. Is it aspartame, flour, or animal protein?


Mimi: Is it flour?

It is flour!!! You win!