Plagiarism spat gets Minnesota artist Tim Lundmark booted from Wizard World

Comics artist Buzz exploded on Lundmark, calling him a ripoff artist.

Comics artist Buzz exploded on Lundmark, calling him a ripoff artist.

The three-day Wizard World Comic Con blew through the Minneapolis Convention Center last weekend, ostensibly with success. Fans of sci-fi, comics, and fantasy turned out in droves, dressed in astounding costumes to hear celebrities talk about doing blow with Meatloaf and celebrate culture.

But the sprawling fanboy mecca wasn't without its dust-ups.

On the convention circuit, selling prints of characters artists don't have the rights to — or in some cases straight-up plagiarizing other artists — has become a sensitive subject. After a day of greeting fans and seeing a barrage of knockoff art, Aldrin “Buzz” Aw snapped. The prominent comics artist who's worked on Justice League, Vampirella, X-Factor, and others confronted a vendor he claims was selling prints of other people's work and calling it his own. As first reported by comics blog Bleeding Cool, the alleged offender was Tim Lundmark, a Minnesota author and artist who also goes by The Random Artist.

Sparing no choice words, Aw recalled the colorful exchange Friday night on Facebook:

"I lost it on someone today at Wizard world Minneapolis. After a full morning of dealing with sea of print vendors disguised as artists hocking cheap shitty prints made from downloaded images, My friend Troy Dontee brought me over to this motherfucker's table to check out the artwork he has on display. Every single piece of art was printouts of other artist's work,He had work from every artist imaginable from Neal Adams, Andy Brase, Bisley , Deodato Jr. Greg Horn, Adi Granov, Romita Jr. to Simone Bianchi.

"I went off on the motherfucker with a long string of shaming words and obscenities, and all he can say was it's fan art. It took every ounce of strength from me not to twist his fucking head off. There is still may still happen."

The next morning Aw offered a followup:

"Update on the thieving asshole, ripoff artist from yesterday. so the guy and his wife were going around harassing people who witnessed my verbal spanking to not spread "gossip " about what happened. Then I had a run in with them. The conversation was as followed.

"The wife: You should stop spreading this bullshit and you don't know what you're talking about.

Me: go fuck yourself.

The wife: well, we're leaving because of you.

Me: Good, good fucking riddance."

A Wizard World spokesperson confirmed that Lundmark was booted from the touring convention for selling plagiarized art.

According to his Etsy page, which has since been removed, Lundmark is based in Shakopee and has written several books addressing his battle with mental illness and marriage.

Lundmark was unable to be reached for comment. His social media accounts have been deleted and his website is set to private.