Pink Hobo has 'The Itch That Burns'


"The Itch That Burns" could be the name of a teenage cautionary tale or personal hygiene film from the '50s. Instead, Pink Hobo has claimed the title for their latest art exhibition and, thank goodness, they've made something fun out of it--which is something the folks at this self-proclaimed "geek" art gallery do best.

Pink Hobo's latest show, "The Itch That Burns," highlights artists Mitch Loidolt and Brett Von Schlosser in a joint exhibition.


Though the artists have different styles, there are similarities in their cartoonish canvasses. From the looks of their current creations, it appears that their illustrations have evolved since their possible high school hobbies--their notebooks must have been filled with sketches straight out of Napoleon Dynamite. But the art they're making now has skill behind it without compromising any blatant playfulness.

Loidolt's canvasses range from thin-lined grotesque caricatures to elegant, boldly-colored portraitures of odd objects, such as a troll doll, or Walt Disney's preserved head in a jar.

Von Schlosser is a comics illustrator, comic book maker (Blood of the Imbeciles, Glad Optical), and poster designer. He illustrates traditional comic frames, but left to his own devices, his lined drawings become straight up surreal.

Come feel "The Itch That Burns" at Pink Hobo, located at 507 East Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. The exhibition begins on Friday with an opening reception from 7 to 11 p.m.; there will be food, drink, and music. The exhibit will be on display through May 25.