Picking the right kind of kink for Twin Cities Fetish Week



Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur of kink, or a newbie looking for your first ball-gag, Twin Cities Fetish Week, which kicked off last night and continues through this weekend, features a taste of nearly every kink, fetish, or fantasy that you can imagine.

Twin Cities Fetish Week

The Saloon
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But what if you aren’t sure what kind of fetish is right for you? Should you get yourself in a bunch of trouble Googling different kinks at work? Ask the girl working at Potbelly if she knows the best spot to check out some candle play?

Naw, just read on; we’ve got you covered.

Forbidden Thursdays: Over at Ground Zero, you can see everything from aerial acrobatics,burlesque, BDSM scenes, rope bondage, candle play, electro play, burnt fishnets, and so much more. This event is perfect for people who want to observe, or get involved in a safe, all-experience levels-welcome environment.

Kinky Fridays: Meanwhile, over at Gay 90’s, they’ll be hosting a “Midsummer’s Night Wet Dream” party. Think the Renaissance Festival, but way sexier (we know that’s hard to imagine, but go with it). If your fetish is less leather and aggression and more half-man, half-horses boning naughty fairies, this is your jam. Also, this gives you an excuse to wear your sexy centaur costume in June and not look like a total creep. Win-win!

Minneapolis Rubber Ball: This is for all the real rubbery OGs. Going down at the Concord Exchange, this party is a massive celebration of fetish culture. Shocking, sexy, and wildly entertaining, this is the must-see event for anyone who enjoys the performance, art, and fashion aspects of the rubber and fetish world. Just a heads-up: The venue says nipples and genitals must be covered. Sorry fam.

Bondage a Go-Go: Also taking place on Saturday night is the Bondage a Go-Go party at Ground Zero. This is legend in the Twin Cities, and has a super-dope goth and horror vibe to it. While a lot of the events this week are about putting on big shows, this is for those who are looking for more of a club night to ramp up the weekend. Just because you show up wearing your darkest eyeliner (looking at you, Jared from IT), doesn’t mean you have be emo-goth. You can dance, drink, chill, and maybe get your ass whooped by the resident mistress-on-duty. Even if you’ve never thought about fetishes or kink, this is a party that everyone should experience at least once. Go pick you up a collar and get on down there!

Minneapolis Farmers Market: This isn’t actually part of Fetish Week, but it just opened for the year and even kink-monsters can use some fresh arugula on a Sunday morning after a weekend of BDSM, right?


Twin Cities Fetish Week
May 30-June 4
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