PICKED TO CLICK PART 7: Here's how it works!


Here's how it works: We asked 44 people--writers, musicians, radio and label types, and just plain fans--to come up with their top five favorite new local bands, solo artists, DJs, or whatever from the last year or so. Our delegates responded with over 130 new acts. Each number-one ranking act was given five points; each number two got four points; etc. (Ties shared the points they were given, dropping the others down the list accordingly.) The acts that won more than five points are ranked below. Special thanks to everyone who voted and wrote comments, which have been edited for space.

Standard disclaimers: The Seventh Annual City Pages New Music Poll is a fun, arbitrary, unscientific, subjective, and informative cheat sheet. Not for use in bets, status-seeking, or negotiating major-label contracts. And "new" is, as per usual, in the ear of the beholder.

--compiled by Simon Peter Groebner and Christina Schmitt

1. Brother Sun Sister Moon (49)

2. Sukpatch (30)

3. The Beatifics (25)

4. The Sensational Joint Chiefs (23)

5. Happy Apple (17)

6. Druel, Wheelo (14)

8. Accident Clearinghouse, The Short Fuses (13)

10. Mike Merz & the Can o' Worms (12.5)

11. Lifter Puller, Ninotchka, Magnatone (12)

14. Vaz (11)

15. Think Tank (10)

16. Dave King (et al.), Plain Jane (9)

18. The Sandwiches (8.5)

19. The Big Wu, The Buck-Fifty Boys (8)

21. Baby Grant Johnson, MMF (7)

23. Atmosphere, DJ Jesus Juice (Henry Mhoon), Terry Eason, Freedom Fighters,

The Great Depression, Lady & the Katz, The Siren Six (6)

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