Photographer Toby Old visits the Mpls Photo Center tonight


Mpls Photo Center's Tuesday Artist Talk welcomes photographer, MIA exhibitor, and Minnesota native Toby Old tonight. 

Born in Stillwater, Old went from working as a dentist to garnering national acclaim for his photo documentation of the '70s disco scene in New York City. Stop by the Mpls Photo Center tonight to hear Old's story behind his riveting body of work.

Toby Old is known for his ability to catch human behavior in action with the lens. Inspired by the atmosphere of various settings for human interaction, Old has traveled the country documenting people at places like the beach, nightclubs, boxing events, fashion shows, street performances, and more. These seemingly standard environments morph into striking moments in time, as Old captures glimpses into the human spirit as it unfolds.

A University of Minnesota alum, Old began his career as a dentist in North Carolina. There he began to uncover art history and developed an interest in photography, which spurred Old on to travel in pursuit of his new passion.  

​In 1976, Old moved to New York City and started work on his extended disco series from 1976 to 1981, titled Standard Deviation, which garnered Old accolades and grants to continue his work. From there he began documenting the activity and life of lower Manhattan, and has ever since. 

Old's photos are described as insightful and intelligent documents of the American scene; photos that cannot be glimpsed at quickly, but rather must be studied in order to fully take in the details of his work and what he has captured of the human existence.

Many of Old's photographs are part of the permanent collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Old will be at the Mpls Photo Center tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. The talk is free for members and $10 for guests ($5 for students). For more information on tickets and reservations, visit the Mpls Photo Center website