Peter Capaldi, Charlie Sheen, John Barrowman: Hilarious insights from ComicCon panels

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen

This weekend, fans of Dr. Who, Arrow, Buffy, and more came together for Wizard World Comic Con at the Minneapolis Convention Center. While some invested in autograph and photo ops, others popped into the main auditorium for the free (with admission) Q&A sessions. Here are some of the more humorous and Minnesota-themed details we gleaned from these talks. 

Peter Capaldi
Though Jenna Coleman had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts, the Doctor was in fine spirits. During his talk, he spoke fondly of the Twin Cities, and two kids from the audience dressed like the Doctor were pulled up onstage, making this an especially cute fan session.

-- When asked what he’s been up to during his trip to the Twin Cities, Capaldi gave shout-outs to the Mill City and Warehouse neighborhoods of downtown Minneapolis.

-- When Capaldi inquired on what restaurants he should be checking out this weekend? “McDonald’s!” Was the overwhelming cry from the audience.

-- Capaldi seemed surprised that he was stopped by about five people while out and about this weekend in town. “I’m always just amazed that people in Minneapolis -- and the world -- recognize me,” he said.

-- When asked if he prefers Donovan, who is also from his hometown of Glasgow, or Bob Dylan, Capaldi chose Bob Dylan.

Fun facts:

The ring he wears on Dr. Who is made to go over his wedding ring, which he never takes off.

Capaldi is a fan of The Sopranos, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones.

His favorite cartoon -- or show -- of all time? The Flintstones. “There is no greater program.”

Charlie Sheen
If fans were hoping for something a little more off the rails from Charlie Sheen, they may have been disappointed, as we mostly got typical Hollywood shenanigans. Sheen was over 30 minutes late -- and was introduced by Kato freakin’ Kaelin. Kaelin warmed up the crowd with some awkward sex jokes, before Sheen, who was in good spirits, took the stage. “Are we early?” He asked a mildly annoyed crowd.

-- Charlie Sheen is a baseball fan, and has been to the Twin Cities a few times, including in ’87 for game 7 and ’91 for games 6 and 7 of the World Series.

-- His thoughts on Minneapolis: “A lot has changed infrastructure wise, but the people are still the same.”

-- “We’re going to make it happen,” stated Sheen when asked if he would return for Major League… 4 (there have been a lot of Sheen-free sequels over the years).

Fun facts:

This was Sheen’s first Comic Con.

Over the years, Sheen passed on a few projects that eventually went to Woody Harrelson. Those include White Men Can’t Jump and Indecent Proposal, which he said he couldn’t get behind because he didn’t like the way the story treated women.

Sheen has the couch from Two and a Half Men in his home. “We’ve sat on that couch together!” proclaimed Kaelin.

“Don’t be ruled by quick gains,” is the advice he would give his 30-year-old self.

Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendan
Before the show began, audiences were asked to put down their damn cell phones during the talk. They didn’t, so Charisma Carpenter offered to pose for a bit if they would put them away. The event ended with a newly married couple onstage, who requested that the two bear witness as their friends and family signed the official paperwork.

-- Charisma Carpenter was excited to do some Prince-inspired stuff while in town (a trip to Paisley Park, maybe?).

-- Carpenter was also in the right town to struggle to find the word for “Zoobas,” which are a Minnesota creations. “Google it!” someone from the audience called out.

John Barrowman
John Barrowman was in his usual fine form this weekend, rocking the line between heroic bad-ass and fabulous showstopper, taking the stage in a swingy summertime dress, and eventually changing into pants and a tee while warning the crowd that he had granny painties on (“I don’t want to be fabulous, I want to be comfortable”). He also (jokingly) threatened to beat up a snarky kid, frequently paused to have giggle fits, and belted out Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” -- he had his own backing track prepared and waiting -- when requested by a fan.

Fun fact: Barrowman spent time in Minnesota growing up, as he has some family from here. He claimed he knew he was gay when he spent an entire weekend wandering through the skyway system trying to purchase just the right pair of clogs.