Pete Lee talks Biz Markee, embarassing his wife


It's been a big year for Pete Lee. The (formerly) local comedian joined the cast of VH1's Best Week Ever this past January, in April he performed on the Late Show With David Letterman for the very first time, and in May he got dancing lessons from Jason Derulo (insert auto-tune affect here). This week, he'll kick off 2014 back where he began his comedy career: Acme Comedy Co. Before his week-long stand, we chatted with the comedian about his incredible year, his encounter with Biz Markee, and why his wife will likely be the drunkest one at Acme this New Year's.

[jump] You're coming to town literally the coldest week of the year. You're from here. How do you mess that up?

I really don't mind the cold. I live in New York now and here people walk around like, "We're the toughest city in the world!" but then the second it drops below 30 everyone gets scared and hides inside.

This has been a really huge year for you. How does it feel capping it off back at your home club?

It's been an amazing year. Letterman was insane. I was standing there doing my set, and David Letterman is literally just a few feet away from me. Then, after my set, he actually came over and talked to me a little bit, which I guess is something he rarely does with comedians who come on the show, so that really cracked my eggs.

As for coming back to Acme, it's just such a great room. On the East Coast it's a different kind of comedy crowd. In Minneapolis, people come to your show because they want to laugh. In New York, they feel good if you're uncomfortable so it's just a totally different feeling.

You just wrapped up your first year on Best Week Ever. How was that experience?

We actually just wrapped up our second season and got renewed for a third, so that's pretty cool. I also just found out that I'll be back for the third season, which is exciting because they usually mix it up and have some new people come on and mix them in with the old cast, so getting to do this for three seasons is incredible.

And you had the chance to meet some pretty awesome personalities too, right?

Yeah. Jason Derulo came on the show and was a really cool guy. Sometimes you don't know what celebrities will be like when they come on these shows, but he just riffed and improv'd and was really great. There was another time when Biz Markee was on the show. I walked in the green room and he's just sitting there hanging out. It was a really weird moment, but in a good way. I kind of had an out-of-body experience when he and I were talking; it kind of scared the crap out of me.

Now that you've done reality TV for a while, do you have any thoughts on acting?

I really have to think about that. I think that it would make me really happy to act in a sitcom. I actually did some acting a few years ago on the soap As the World Turns, and that was really fun. Honestly, I think my biggest dream is to write and produce my own sitcom. That's kind of a pipe dream, but I think it would be great.

Are you bringing your wife with you to Minneapolis for New Year's Eve?

Yep, she'll be there. If you go to my Twitter feed I'm always putting up embarrassing pictures of her sleeping or drinking or whatever. But she knows I do it. Half the time we do it together and she's laughing. If you see her at the show on New Year's, there's a good chance she'll be the drunkest one there, yelling in your face because she has no idea how loud she's being.


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