Pete Campbell to wed Rory Gilmore: Local boy Vincent Kartheiser is engaged to Alexis Bledel

On the most recent season of AMC's hit show Mad Men, weasely ad man Pete Campbell, played by Minneapolis-raised Vincent Kartheiser, got tangled in a messy extra-marital affair with an acquaintance's wife, guest-star Alex Bledel.

Off-screen, the two actors started dating. Now, after about a year together, their relationship is going better than their TV characters' did: Yesterday, Us Weekly broke the news that the two are engaged.

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Over the summer, when Andy Mannix hung out with Kartheiser to talk Minneapolis and Mad Men, the actor didn't discuss his relationship with Bledel (he did, though, weigh in on his post-filming get-fit regimen, nighttime activity included).

While Kartheiser, 33, got his first big break playing Campbell, Bledel, 31, is best known for her role as teenaged Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. This will be a first marriage for both.

Here's the happy couple, playing an unhappy couple on the show:

Bledel as Kartheiser's extra-marital love interest on the set of Mad Men.
Bledel as Kartheiser's extra-marital love interest on the set of Mad Men.
courtesy AMC

For more on Kartheiser, including his best memes and his feelings about Minnesota, check out the links above.

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