Pauly Shore in New Hope: "I'm just excited to give people a piece of the Wieze"

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think to yourself, "I wonder what Pauly Shore is up to these days?" Us too.

It turns out "the Wiezel" is not just surviving, but still actively slaying audiences across the country, including some towns that you wouldn't expect to see one of the biggest names of the '90s taking the stage. 

This Friday and Saturday, the man responsible for some of the greatest films of our generation will be making a stop in New Hope at the New Hope Cinema Grill for four shows guaranteed to satisfy your inner-Bio-Dome fan. Before he wiezes the juice this weekend, we chatted with Shore about his career, his newest project, and what it's like to be a comedy vagabond.

You're coming to New Hope this month. Why New Hope instead of Minneapolis or a bigger city?

My history is in Small Town, USA. I've played the bigger venues like the Improv and places like that, but I like going to the smaller towns that are a little more obscure and I know a lot of other comics have never gone before. These towns are awesome because people don't care. They'll show up in flip flops with no makeup, and it's just like a big hang. I'm guessing a lot of people aren't going to tour towns like New Hope, but that's where my audience is: people who love Son in Law.

What made you decide to go back out on the road?

I've always loved standup; it's who I am. It's not like I'm some guy who was on MTV and in movies who wants to go do standup after all that. I was in the clubs and on stages forever, and I still love it. It's like being a wrestler or a bodybuilder; even if they don't have a fight coming up, they're still in the weight room working out. Even if I'm not trying to do something new I still want to be onstage. Plus, I like being able to fly into a town, do a day or two of shows, and then disappear. I'm like a vagabond of comedy.

So then do you have any plans for a new special or anything else in the works?

We're actually filming this little Midwest tour right now through Wisconsin and Minnesota. It's like "Pauly Does the Midwest." It's going to be unlike anything I've done before. It's just me and a camera with no shtick or anything. If you've seen any of my other stuff, it's a lot of mockumentary style comedy, or it'll have a angle. This is the total opposite. There's no crew, no jokes. it's just as raw as you'll ever see me. 

People are used to seeing me with girls, or partying at the Playboy Mansion and stuff like that, but the reality is that there's another side to me. I'm alone, not married, I have no kids, my siblings and I just started getting along again, so it's really me completely exposed. 

What made you decide to do something so personal at this point in your career?

Probably the fact that I came out yesterday. Just trying to embrace my homosexuality. Seriously though, I don't know. I just think it would be really interesting for viewers who are probably thinking to themselves, "What the hell happened to Pauly Shore?" to know that I'm still out there and I'm doing very well for myself.

Anything you're looking forward to doing in New Hope?

I'm just excited to give people a piece of the Wieze. I like to think of myself as a doctor of comedy who operates on hearts and souls and makes people forget their problems. I've never been to New Hope, but if I'm hopping on a plane and flying out there to put on a show, I hope people in New Hope will leave the house and come spend some time with me.


Pauly Shore

March 22-23
7 and 9:30 p.m.
New Hope Cinema Grill