Paul Sietsema's 'Anticultural Positions' closes Saturday

In 1951, French artist Jean Dubuffet gave a notable lecture titled "Anticultural Positions." It was a talk in which he referred to Europe and the Americas as "The Occidental," and detailed his position in six points. The lecture addressed the arts, language, and why Occidental culture is lacking and, perhaps, even intellectually lazy. Some attribute the lecture as a point of inspiration for Imagism, an art movement that celebrated clear, concise expression in art, poetry, and other creative endeavors.

Artist Paul Sietsema currently has an installation on display at Midway Contemporary Art gallery which shares the title of Dubuffet's lecture. Sietsema's "Anticultural Positions" is not a lecture, however, but a 16mm film that, along with his own words, contains excerpts of Dubuffet's discussion as images flash onscreen. From the installation's description: "Sietsema documents incidental marks made on the worktables of his studio, resulting in a fragmented cinematic discourse on painting as a cultural form."

This installation is presented in collaboration with the Walker Art Center's Artists' Cinema: Projected Images series. The film will run continuously through June 4 in Midway Contemporary Art gallery, located at 527 Second Ave. SE in Minneapolis. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jean Dubuffet's lecture can be found here.