Paper toys, sculptures, art at Pink Hobo Gallery


While most peoples' paper-toy creation capabilities fall somewhere between being able to make a fortune-teller or a wonky crane, others hone their skills to craft genuine works of art. This is certainly the case for Pink Hobo gallery's "Paper Toy II," an exhibition featuring paper works from a variety of talents.

[jump] For the show's second installment, print artists, designers, and other creative folks were invited to create wall hangings, sculptures, and toys using paper as their starting point. Pieces have been cut, glued, and colored to create whimsical constructions of all shapes and forms.

The show will include many artists and groups from around town, from Aesthetic Apparatus to Steve Tenebrini to Ocular Invasion, but it will also feature works from Abi Braceros (Hawaii), Himanshu Sharma (Boston), Joe Galbreath (Maryland), Lisa Barcy (Chicago), Marko Zubak (Croatia), and Sal Azad (Indonesia), among others.

The exhibit opens Saturday, June 11 with a public reception from 7 to 11 p.m. Pink Hobo is located in northeast Minneapolis at 507 E. Hennepin Ave. For more info, visit