Paper Moose, Jumpsuit & Co: Making Space for Art to Happen


On New Year's Day Paper Moose Jumpsuit & Co will not be hosting knife fights or throwing glitter about. Instead, for their first ever Hangover Show, which takes place at the Paper Moose studio in Northeast Minneapolis, folks will be serving up Bloody Mary's and easing in the new year with a variety of performing arts. The performance features a new play, a short film, and music by a touring theater company from Minot, North Dakota called the Lampshade Brigade. There will also be a puppet show by one of Paper Moose's founders, Savannah Reich.  


Reich said that Paper Moose was started as an art and performance space last summer in part due to the fact that Bedlam wasn't going to be available as a rehearsal space. Reich and a friend were looking around for a place to rent, and founded Paper Moose. The studio at first was just going to be a rehearsal space, but now has evolved as a performance venue as well. "At first we weren't looking to do that many shows," Reich says.  "But the landlord was fine with it, and we wanted to be a resource to support friend's work as well as ours."

Reich spent some time in Baltimore last year, and she noticed that the art scene was shaped by the number of spaces that the city had available. "I see it really as a connection," she says. "So I wanted to put a lot of energy into creating space for art to happen."  

So far, Paper Moose has had two touring shows perform in their studio, Missoula Oblongata and the Annex Theatre from Baltimore. "We want to be a place people can count on to do their touring shows," Reich says.  

In mid-January, Paper Moose will host a science fair, where they are calling on artists to bring in science projects, which will be judged by a panel. There will be short lectures on such topics as risk taking, rumor mills, untrue health suggestions, and why drinking makes you a better person.

Later this spring, the group will launch a monthly dance phenomenon. "I'm trying to talk about it in a way that confuses people," Reich says. "It's basically going to be trying to make something that's not quite a dance party and not quite a theater show."  

Reich is also working on creating a play right now, which she'll rehearse in the space, although it won't be a Paper Moose production.  

For more information about Paper Moose, Jumpsuit & Co, check out their facebook page, which has all the info about The Hangover Show this weekend and their upcoming happenings.