Paige Dansinger opens a gallery in Minneapolis skyway

Paige Dansinger opens a gallery in Minneapolis skyway

Paige Dansinger needed a place other than her home to work on her paintings. When she happened upon an empty storefront along the Minneapolis skyway system, she knew it was the perfect spot because it could act as both a studio and a gallery. Located on the second floor of 811 LaSalle Avenue, in the same building that houses Gallery 13, the new Gallery Paige is convenient for the downtown crowd to swing by during or right after work hours to pick up some art. 

Paige Dansinger opens a gallery in Minneapolis skyway

An artist, art historian, blogger, and social-media extraordinaire -- who is at the forefront of interactive and digital art -- Dansinger has shown work at the Guggenheim, Cooper-Hewitt, and the National Design Museum, among others. She has also been named an "Artist to Follow on Instagram" on Locally, she recently had a solo show at SooLOCAL (featured here on the Dressing Room blog). 

Dansinger's paintings coyly satirize while embracing famous works of art, turning the male gaze on its head by placing herself, bobbed hair and all, at the center -- be it in a Matisse-style odalisque or mugging for the viewer dressed as a cartoonish geisha. Her work is whimsical, feminine, and colorful, but also subversive in its rather wacky style. 

As for the space, in addition to the great location, Gallery Paige is vast and open, with plenty of room for Dasinger's many works, which includes portraits, still life, small plates, and, of course, her famous bee paintings. 

During the day, Dansinger can work on her paintings as the nine-to-five set hustle and bustle by. She gets a particularly good crowd around lunch hour, where the numerous food stands draw long lines, and people stop in while they wait. 

Paige Dansinger opens a gallery in Minneapolis skyway

Dansinger's not sure how long she'll keep storefront; she's on a month-to-month lease. She wants to see how the holiday season goes, and will decide from there.


Gallery Paige
811 LaSalle Ave., #213, Minneapolis
Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays

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