'Page One,' New York Times documentary starring David Carr, in theaters Friday

David Carr and Andrew Rossi sat down with City Pages in April to talk about the movie.

David Carr and Andrew Rossi sat down with City Pages in April to talk about the movie.

Director Andrew Rossi's intimate look into one of the world's most reputable newsrooms opens in Twin Cities theaters Friday.

You can think of Page One as the sequel to The Kingdom and the Power by Gay Talese (who makes an appearance in the movie), but with a much more depressing hook. Filmmakers follow around the Times' media reporters, and examine the mortality of the newspaper in the age of the iPad, Wikileaks, and Gawker. [jump] Check out the preview:

The film's protagonist is Twins Cities alt-weekly alumnus David Carr, a brash--often hilariously so--defender of the Times. Carr's tirades are the highlight of the movie. One of his best moments comes during an interview with Shane Smith, founder of Vice magazine. When Smith takes a shot at the Times' coverage of Liberia, Carr can't help but call a timeout (can you even do that?).

"Before you ever went there, we've had reporters there reporting on genocide after genocide," says Carr. "Just because you put on a fucking safari helmet and looked at some poop doesn't give you the right to insult what we do. So continue."

We sat down with Rossi and Carr when they were in town for the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Film Festival in April, and Carr told us about his initial reservations about the idea.

"I told Andrew that this is not the stuff of movies," said Carr. "You have middle-aged people typing in cubes with headsets on. And I think he proved me a liar."

Check out the full interview and video here.

Page One premieres at the Lagoon Cinema Friday. Click here for show times.