Overheard in Minneapolis at HUGE Improv

​Going out in public has its perks. There are buses for transportation, restaurants for getting something to eat, and bars for something to drink. Obviously, the list of things to do with huge groups of random people is endless, and more often than not, you get to hear those strangers say the darndest things while you're out. 

Thank goodness there is a place where all of these overheard gems are listed (, and more than that, HUGE Improv Theater exploits the latest public musings at their show every Friday.

[jump] Overheard in Minneapolis is a website where conversations and comments from random strangers are shared. Anyone can contribute, as long as it's funny (duh), and actually heard in person (no emails, radio bits, etc.). 

The site itself is quite entertaining to scroll through, especially when there are slices of Minnesotan commentary about how many crappy shirts one can get at Marshall's for $7, or how finishing college in four years is like leaving a party at 11 p.m. 

Whatever is overheard, HUGE Improv Theater will attempt to perform a completely improvised story from it. Each Friday night three stories inspired by these phenomenal reflections of the Minnesota public are embarked upon, and the results are sure to make for a witty performance. 


The show is every Friday at 8 p.m., and tickets are $10. They also take online reservations for those who want to guarantee their seats. The HUGE Improv Theater is in Minneapolis on Lyndale between Lake Street and 31st. 

And who knows, maybe while you're at the show you can begin collecting your own overheard gems to share that can be used in a future Friday night performance. Now, wouldn't that be ironic?