Overheard at Booty Cruise 2012

A peek at the infamous second floor of the Booty Cruise boat.
A peek at the infamous second floor of the Booty Cruise boat.
Tatiana Craine

"You'll never see any of these crazy bitches ever again," says KDWB's Dave Ryan to all the ladies on board the Booty Cruise. Boy, did the ladies take Dave's words to heart as they let the gossip flow as freely as the liquor from the boat's multiple bars.

Hundreds of women from around the state were more than ready to have a few drinks, dance with their friends, and maybe even get a little frisky with the male strippers on the boat's infamous second floor. We took the best tidbits of conversation from the night and compiled them here for any ladies who missed out on the cruise and all the menfolk banned from the ship. Be warned, some of these women have mouths like sailors.

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While Gary Spivey analyzed a supernatural photo:
"What's that ghost doing there?"
"He's masturbating!"

"He won't bump up on mine either."

"If you find the right guy and you're attracted to him and all that... everything goes."

"That dude on the stage. Wow."

"If he gets near me, don't let me touch him. Oh my god, you gotta see him. He's got an ass. And it was like WHOOM, like all right there. You are gorgeous."

"I would fucking love to bang that ass."

"Is he scared? Well, now you know!"

"Well, because Facebook isn't official. Because fuck that."

"This is my ex-girlfriend!"
"No, she's not."

"She's an awesome singer!"
"We gotta do a drunk mambo."

"I know you, bitch. I. Know. You."

"Bingo, bitch! Bing! GO!"

"Then I whacked his ass! We got in on that action! WOOO!"

"You are my sister from another misterrrr."
"Really? That's so cool."

"We gotta wash all that booty off before we go home to our men."

"I came out here to puke."

"I'm talking too much, like Lindsay Lohan word vomit."

Woman exiting the boat to one of the male attendants on the dock:
"You're cute! Why weren't you a stripper? You should think about it."

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