Over the weekend: Spinal Tap, comics, and an art parade

Over the weekend: Spinal Tap, comics, and an art parade
Stacy Schwartz

As the Fringe Festival raged on and hundreds of thousands of suburbanites descended upon Minneapolis hungry for seaside landscape paintings and pottery art at the three major art fairs, other people were doing other things. And it was awesome.

This weekend was filled with alternative art and music events; you just had to look a little harder to find these hidden gems outside of the enormous festival ruckus. CO Exhibition's Spinal Tap-themed gallery show, the publication party for Lutefisk Sushi: Vol. D, and an amazing night parade rank on our list of great things that happened this weekend.  

Over the weekend: Spinal Tap, comics, and an art parade
Image by Jon Behm

After its hot debut exhibiting art from and about local hip-hop collective Doomtree, CO Exhibitions followed up with another musical-themed project, "Smell the Glove." Named after the infamous (and never shown) album cover from landmark mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, contributing artists were asked to create the album art themselves. Results were humorous, playful, and low-brow--as is to be expected. It brought a smile to the faces of guests. Visit our Smell the Glove slideshow to check out the art yourself.

Over the weekend: Spinal Tap, comics, and an art parade
Photo by Stacy Schwartz

Also this weekend was the publication party/gallery opening for Lutefisk Sushi's latest effort, Lutefisk Sushi: Volume D. This is the fourth edition of this great collection of up-and-coming comic artists, and it features over 50 individuals whose work that varies from humorous, to political, to autobiographical, to illustrative, and more. The box set comes with 3-D glasses, and guests enjoyed checking out the artwork on the walls that were in the format. Snacks were sushi-themed, and included rice crispy rolls complete with Swedish fish that looks like the real thing. You can peruse through opening night party pics over at the Lutefisk Sushi Vol. D release party slideshow.

Finally, perhaps the most spontaneous art event this weekend was an art parade curated by Gay Beast's Dan Luedtke and Brute Heart's Jackie Beckey. Folks showed up in colorful marching band gear and other whimsical costumes. They traveled on foot, by bike, and on stilts from Riverside Park to Currie Park. It looks like it was a fabulous event. Check out the march at our Crazy Art Parade slideshow.

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