Oscars and Leap Day: This week's funniest tweets from the local comedy scene

Yesterday, Twitter was filled with posts on the Oscars and the magic (or non-magic) of Leap Day. These two hot topics were also popular with comics online. Here's a look at the funniest bits from the local comedy scene on Twitter this week.

Comedian Jakey Emmert's breaking new grounds bringing diversity to his department store workplace.
— Jakey Emmert (@Jakeyin612) February 29, 2016
Standup Sam Wilbur's not having Leap Day.

Before Leap Day, Minnesota's own Andy Erickson (who rocked Last Comic Standing last year) took to Twitter to point out the Academy Awards' lack of diversity.

But hey, as Chad Juettner points out, a win for Leo's a win for us all, right?

Boy Kisses' Robert Fones ignored the awards and launched a new, tantalizing Hollywood conspiracy.

Awards season not your thing? You've got a friend in The Answer's John Thomas.
ROSA Open Mic's Mike Lester sums up the driving force behind every performer.