Oscar night drinking game 2013

This Sunday is the Superbowl of Tinseltown. Stars will walk the red carpet wearing millions of dollars in gowns, tuxes, and jewelry. They will smile, laugh, applaud, and emote with dignity for the cameras. Then, they will go and get wrecked at the after parties.

Us nobodies have an advantage on this last part, as we can start our drinking a little early without the fear a public gaffe. In fact, if you're planning on watching the Oscars consumption of adult beverages are highly recommended. To make boozing and viewing even more fun, we've compiled some rules to make for an entertaining drinking game. So pop open the bubbly, pour the wine, line up the shots, or crack open a beer. Just because the excessively long awards ceremony can be a little dry doesn't mean that you and your friends have to be, after all.

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Take a sip or a hearty swig:

If someone appears drunk already while walking the red carpet.

If someone is wearing something epically bad on the red carpet, but you need to see it again onstage to truly gauge the badness.

If a celebrity references their humble beginnings.

If "Hollywood magic" is used by a presenter during any of the technical or special effects awards.

Anytime you spot a hunk of jewelry that costs more than your house/car/yearly salary over five years.

Anytime an acceptance speech starts with "Wow..."

Anytime a presenter dramatically pulls out their reading glasses so they can read the teleprompter.

Anytime the 10-second delay comes in handy with the censors.

Whenever an announcer or presenter flubs a name. (While Best Foreign Film is an obvious category for this to happen, we're placing our bets on some entertaining mishaps from those who attempt to utter Quvenzhané Wallis's name.)

Anytime a major winner tells the orchestra to shut up, and they do.

Anytime a tech or effects winner is shut down by the orchestra in less than a minute.

Anytime you recognize the voice-work of Jeff Bridges or Morgan Freeman during a commercial.


Finish your drink: Anytime the camera cuts to a shot of an older, established celebrity (Judi Dench, Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Robert DeNiro, etc.) after a joke or moment of applause sitting motionless with a bad-ass look of stone-cold don't give a fuck on their face.

Finish your drink: If Jennifer Lawrence wins and they cut to a Meryl Streep reaction shot at some point.

Slam challenge: In honor of those who died this year, see which of your friends can finish their drink first before the Death Montage comes to an end.

Break/Sober time:

If the head of the RIAA comes out to lecture folks on the vile ills of pirating: Leave the room. It's time to refill those drinks, refresh that bowl of popcorn, check your cell phone, and/or take a bathroom break.

The 85th Academy Awards airs Sunday, February 24 starting at 6 p.m. Do you prefer to watch the Oscars out on the town? Here's two events worth looking into:

Go Posh:

The 20th Annual Oscar Experience Minneapolis
Union Restaurant
731 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis
Featuring a red-carpet with Christopher Straub, cocktails, appetizers, live screening of the big show.
5:30 to 11 p.m. Sunday, February 24
$60; $175 VIP

Go cheap:

Oscar night at Brit's
Brit's Pub
1110 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
With drink specials, popcorn, movie trivia with John Cosgrove, Oscar screening.
5 p.m.

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