Ordway's Summer Dance series does ballroom

​The dog days of summer are probably best spent inside getting up close and personal with some air conditioning and popsicles. But we really shouldn't let the heat keep us cooped up when there are plenty of opportunities for fun outdoors, like the Ordway's free Summer Dance series on Thursday nights.

This week ballroom is on tap, and with free dance instruction to music by the veteran Jerry O'Hagan Orchestra, who cares if you'll end up a sweaty mess in the humidity. At least you'll walk away knowing how to foxtrot. And that's pretty much priceless, isn't it?

​Hosted outside at the Landmark Plaza on Fifth and Market Street in downtown Saint Paul, this Thursday's social dance extravaganza will be led by Cinema Ballroom professionals. After a few demos and some instruction, the live music will commence and leave you to your own footloose and fancy-free ideas. 

And if you're too shy to mambo around the plaza, taking in the sights and sounds will be just as pleasant. Master clarinetist Jerry O'Hagan and his 14 piece orchestra will serenade you with their extensive play list, as dancers of all levels revel in the summer sunset. 

​Either way you take it, the evening will last from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. with beer and wine for purchase; surely a lovely way to experience ballroom dance in person instead of through reality television and awkward celebrities. 

Next Thursday, August 12, will wrap up the Ordway's Summer Dance series with an evening of reggae and worldbeat song and dance. 

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