Oprah's glorious foot blessed a Minnesota-made boot

Associated Press

Associated Press

Any of Oprah’s “favorite things” become a fav for the masses. When Oprah lets people know what book she and Gayle are reading, millions read along, gleefully pretending to be part of the club. My mother does things to this day she saw Oprah do one time in like 1993.

Anything Oprah uses or wears or so much as mentions is ensconced in the lore of ever being thought of by the O.

On a glorious day in the year of our Lord Who Created Oprah 2019, as winter began ceasing its grip, the sun breaking through the clouds and our ice layered roads, Oprah wore boots.

She wore boots made in Minnesota.

Look! Those are Red Wing boots at the bottom. Also, is plogging the new jogging?

Look! Those are Red Wing boots at the bottom. Also, is plogging the new jogging? O, April 2019

We did it. Oprah’s foot is better than any list.

Red Wing Shoes boots from Red Wing, Minnesota, were not just worn by Oprah, but worn by Oprah on the April cover of O Magazine.

She may as well have hosed down the Red Wing Shoe factory with money and sprinkled self-righteous cocoa butter all over town.

The April issue is about the environment and saving Earth. But, us, that's the part to remember, the us part.

Well said, Josh.

Maybe trying to feel some of Oprah’s love, presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar tweeted her belief that boots can be made for walking from the sight of Oprah walking in boots.

The Red Wing boot is predictably pricey ($319.99) for Oprah to walk in. And they are light brown in that ubiquitous boot look way for both an earnest day’s labor or completing a style strongly signaling that laborers are gross.
No matter the details of the boot, what matters most now is that the great O bestowed her toes upon it.

Other celebs have rocked Red Wing. None of that matters now. It may be cool to find out a couple of Jimmy Fallon or Lady Gaga’s favorite things. But is your mom going to blindly incorporate that into her life for 25 years?

Chip, you joke, sure, and at your own risk because Oprah likely hears all, but you would eat your words from that lace and light brown leather with a light vinaigrette should Oprah ask it.

Pass me a fork, Chip.